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In this section you will find information on upcoming and previous conferences that we have presented at.

2008 to present:

INTERNATIONAL conferences, invited keynote lectures, panels and policy briefings:

Shariff, S. (Upcoming, 2012, June). Invited Keynote for the International COST Conference on Cyberbullying and Policy Development. Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Shariff, S. (2011, September, invited but postponed until next conference). Define the Line: Identifying boundaries between Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship. SABER, Brazilian Education Congress. Sindicato dos Estabelecimentos de Ensino no Estado de São Paulo. September 8, 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Shariff, S., Zahreddine, M., Sportun, J., Naimi, N., Beran, T. (2010, 14-18 June). Symposium on Cyberbullying. Bordering, Re-Bordering and New Possibilities in Education and Society. WCCES (World Council of Comparative Education Societies XIV World Congress). Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Shariff, S. (2010, April). Navigating the Maze: Cyber-safety and wellbeing solutions for schools. National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB), Melbourne, Australia (Video Webcast) [Keynote].

Shariff, S. (2009, October). Cyberbullying: Battleground or Opportunity? eXbus Conference, University of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Denmark, [Keynote].

Shariff, S. (2009, June). Cyberbullying and Cyber-hate. Cyber-hate: Danger in Cyber-space. United Nations Unlearning, Intolerance Seminar. United Nations Headquarters, New York. Chaired by United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. [Panelist].

Shariff, S. (2009, March) Cyberbullying and the Policy Vacuum. Online symposium with the First Amendment Center.

Shariff, S. & Churchill, A. (2008, April). Cyberbullying: Battle or Opportunity? Paper presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), New York, NY, U.S.A.

NATIONAL AND LOCAL conferences, invited keynote lectures, panels and policy briefings:

Shariff, S., Steeves, V., Lynn Bissonette, (Upcoming 2012, March, Panelist). Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on the Rights of the Child/Laboratoire de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les droits de l'enfantat, University of Ottawa.

Shariff, S. (Upcoming, 2012, February). Invited Keynote at Conference of Canadian Foundation of Women, Toronto, Ontario.

Shariff, S. (2011, April 29). Emotional impact of Cyberbullying. Advanced Study Institute in Cultural Psychiatry for April 26-29, 2011. [Peer reviewed Conference papers to be published in Transcultural Psychiatry].

Shariff, S. (2010, December). Cyberbullying, Cyber-libel, or Cyber-jokes? Navigating a balance between free expression, privacy, safety and supervision. Ubiquitous Learning International Conference,Vancouver, B.C., Canada [Jaime Sportun presented on my behalf]. (see

Shariff, S. (2010, 4 November). Cyberbullying, Cyber-libel, or Cyber-Jokes? Pearls of Policing Conference, International Pearl Fishers Action Learning Group (IALG), Kingbridge, Ontario.

Shariff, S. (2010, November). Cyberbullying Workshop: Learning and Teaching Day at McGill.

Shariff, S. (2010, April). Cyber-jokes, Cyber-libel or Cyberbullying: Navigating a balance between free expression, privacy and supervision. CAPDHHE Conference on Human Rights, McGill University. Quebec.

Shariff, S. (2010, November). Safe Space Plenary presentation: Cyberbullying. McGill Special Libraries Association.

Shariff, S., Bailey, J., Talim, J., Steeves, V., (2010, March). Lookout! Girls on the Internet. Taking Stock of Technology. Panel presentation at opening of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society, University Ottawa Law Faculty.

Shariff, S. (2010, January 26). Cyber-intimidation: enjeux et solutions pour l’ecole, la classe et la maison. De l’intimidation a la cyber-intimidation. Centre Jeunesse de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec. (In English supported by French power-point and translation).

Shariff, S. (2009, June). Battle or Opportunity. Presentation at Commission Scolaire conference on Violence in Schools. Translated by Dr. Elizabeth Wood.

Shariff, S. (2008, September 2). Panelist, with President of Canadian Teachers‟ Federation, Emily Noble, Lawyer, Eric Roher and Faye Mishna, University of Toronto. Should cyber-bullying be criminalized? Live web-cast and interview. Television Ontario (TVO). Toronto, Ontario.

Shariff, S. (2008, June 2). Empathy, Respect and Responsibility. Presentation on behalf of Quebec English School Boards Association (QUESBA) Task Force on Cyberbullying. Reporting task force and survey results.

Shariff, S. (2008, May 2). Cyberbullying: Battle or Opportunity. Keynote presentation at Annual General Meeting of the Quebec English Teachers Association (QUPAT).

INVITED LECTURES to Parent-Educators, Schools, Legal Professionals, Boards and Associations:

Shariff, S. (2010, October 1). Cyber-jokes, cyber-libel or cyberbullying? Dixon Elementary School,Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Shariff, S. (2010, October 1). Cyber-jokes, cyber-libel or cyberbullying? Homma Middle School,Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Shariff, S. (2008, April 14). Cyberbullying: Battle or Opportunity: Keynote presentation at John Abbott College, St. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec, Canada.

Shariff, S. (2008, April 18). Cyber-bullying: Battle or Opportunity: Keynote presentation at Lauren Hill Academy, West Island Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Shariff, S., and Churchill, A. (2008, March 17). Cyberbullying: Battle or Opportunity: Joint Keynote presentation at Bishops College, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.

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